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Note 44.174 MOUNT-L 174 of 517 CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 20 lines 18-AUG-1993 15:38
CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 20 lines 18-AUG-1993 15:38
Subj: Re: re; novices

Date: 18-Aug-1993
Posted-date: 18-Aug-1993


Glad to see your sticking around. I'm 36 and I still plan to be climbing 10
years from now. You might consider spending a week with the American Alpine
Institute or a like group in a good rock climbing class if you can afford it.
I took one of their courses last year and enjoyed it immensely. Probably
the best rock climbing magazine around is Rock and Ice, published in Boulder,
Colorado. Most mountaineering shops carry it. Hope you make it to Devil's
Tower. Actually, I think there are some pretty reasonable, not too
difficult routes on it, (Durrance route is 5.7 I think). Good climbing.

Alan Yost


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