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Note 44.328 MOUNT-L 328 of 517 CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 48 lines 31-JAN-1994 12:38
CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 48 lines 31-JAN-1994 12:38
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Subj: Re: Elevation above sea level

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Date: 31-Jan-1994
Posted-date: 31-Jan-1994

> You're right, Willie; I thought I had mentioned this. The variation
> between Denali and a similar elevation on the equator is about 2000 feet;
> .....
> Let's just talk about feet and torr. But it's interesting. Cheers.

Yea, I have heard of the 2000 feet figure before, but that is just a
constant offset and I know it isn't that simple. The reason I bring
it up is that my digital altimeter while it is very accurate climbing
in the 48 states, I found it to be off quite a bit in Ecuador. I
checked it there from the huts, to the summit, and back to the huts.
In this way I could reduce current atmospheric pressure effects to
near zero. I found the reading to be compressed. IE a 1000 foot
climbed read less than 1000 feet on the altimeter. I have talked to
the company about it and they said they would look into it. Of course
there are many possible sources of error, so that's why I wanted to
know how far off the gradient function is.

Willie Hunt

Did you know that altimeters in planes are not compensated for this
effect either? That's means that a plane at 30000 feet at the equator
is not at the same height as one at the poles. They do add in the
offset value for sea-level though, as they must in order to fly
and land safely.


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