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Subj: Headlamp Regulator PCB's are ready

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Date: 22-Mar-1994
Posted-date: 22-Mar-1994

This is a follow up posting. For those who missed previous postings
see below.

The printed cicuit boards for the headlamp voltage regulators are
ready. I have parts for kits or assembled and tested units. If you
have a good thin point soldering iron and a little soldering
experience, the kit should be no problem. If in doubt or lazy, I
suggest a A&T unit. Prices are as follows:

Schematic and Documentation Free Email
Bare printed circuit board $10
Kit: PCB plus parts $20
Assembled and tested $30
Low power alkaline battery version add $5

This price also includes shipping via US mail. Let me also explain
that the kit will include all the parts for the PCB but not any
external stuff like wiring, power switch, box, battery holder, etc.
Since this regulator can be used with many types of batteries and
bulbs, it is up to the user to select the battery and bulb combination
that suits his needs.

There seems to be some confusion about what batteries should be used
with this regulator. This unit will NOT work correctly on 3 AA's, 3
C's, or a 4.5 volt pack for the Petzl users. I suggest 5 AA's with
the $5 low power option using the Petzl standard bulb (3.75 volt 0.22
amp). My mountaineering setup is in a separate neck slung box which
can be plugged into a Petzl headlamp when needed. This way the Petzl
headlamp can be used normally or with voltage regulator pack. For
cold mountaineering trips, I can not over emphasize the need to keep
the alkaline batteries warm. Head mounted batteries will not work
properly in cold weather! I will take requests for "turn key" battery
boxes with a regulator built inside that plugs directly into Petzl
headlamps for climbing use, but presently I am not building them for
general consumption.

For a rechargeable system, I suggest packs of 5 NiCad's or a 3 cell
lead acid. This is much more important for higher bulb wattages for
cycling or caving. Petzl halogens (3.75 volt 0.5 amp), HPR 50's (5.2
volt 0.85 amp), or HPR 36's (5.5 volt 1.0 amp) make a good lamp choice
for higher these higher light needs.

There are many other possible battery and bulb combination that will
work well too. If you have questions about it, please Email me. I am
currently testing a 6 AA's system since 5 cell battery holders are
unavailable. This system is not designed for 12 volt use but it can
be modified to work for one. Again, Email and I will send the
pertinent info.

If you have not looked at the documentation, please Email me and I
will send a copy. Finally, to order send a check or money order to:

Willie Hunt
1600 Maplecrest
Bloomington IN 47408-1253

I will send stuff COD, but you will pay for the COD charges. Also any
order will include assembly instructions including a PCB parts
placement diagram, a revised schematic (showing the part values
provided in the kit or A&T unit) and other assembly and wiring
details. The low power option includes 2 large caps for C6 and CMOS
555's (see documentation).

Willie Hunt

For those who missed previous postings:

I have a schematic and documentation for a high efficiency voltage
regulator which provides constant brightness lighting over most of the
battery capacity. This regulator can be used with various types of
batteries and bulbs to deliver almost all the availible power from the
battery to the bulb without variation of brightness.

I have used this regulator for caving for over a year now, and
mountaineering since last summer. For mountain trips I find it to be
invaluable since it more than doubles what I consider the useable
capacity of 5 AA'a alkaline batteries running a 0.8 watt bulb. I get
13 hours of light vs. about 4 hours for 3 AA's running the same bulb.
This means I can carry far less weight in batteries for a long trip
for the same number of hours of headlamp use. For caving, I use 6
volt 6.5 AH or 10 AH rechargeable lead-acid batteries with a 4.5 watt
halogen bulb. I get 9 hours from the 6.5 AH pack and 16 hours from
the 10 AH of constant brightness light. I am so spoiled by the
brightness that anything less just doesn't let me enjoy the cave as

I will send anyone who is interested the info. via Email, if you send
me a request. The schematic is in postscript and the documentation in
ASCII. If you don't have a postscript printer, I will send you info
via US mail. I don't want to post the stuff to the group since the
files are long, and I can answer question when you request the info.

Willie Hunt


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