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Note 44.406 MOUNT-L 406 of 517 CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 26 lines 31-MAY-1994 15:14
CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 26 lines 31-MAY-1994 15:14
Subj: Re: smith rock

Date: 31-May-1994
Posted-date: 31-May-1994

RE: Smith Rock ... But first, if you are ever up in the Upper Peninsula
around Marquette stop in the Down Winds Sports store on 3rd street and
ask for Bill Thompson. He can give you the "beta" on the local rock

Smith Rock is a great place. The area is scenic and the rock is fun.
There is a climbers' camping area near the park entrance. Although this
area is called a "bivy" area it come complete with showers. There is a
lot of rock to climb at Smith. Most routes require leading, however,
even the easier routes usually have sport-bolted protection, so you do
not have to risk getting killed just to get onto some rock. Of course
all difficulty levels are covered among the routes in the guidebook (see
the new guidebook by Alan Watts for excellent photos, diagrams, maps,
and other info.) Recommended bolted routes include: Lichen It (5.7), Hop
on Pop (5.8), Dancer (5.8), Phoenix (5.10), Captian Xenolith (5.10 first
30 feet then 5.8). and the list goes on ... Bunny Face (5.7) ...

Most climbs can be done with a single 165' rope and 8-10 quickdraws.

Phil Watts - NMU (FAPW@NMUMUS)


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