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Note 44.46 MOUNT-L 46 of 517 CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 18 lines 26-FEB-1992 09:59
CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 18 lines 26-FEB-1992 09:59
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 92 15:25:00 PST
Reply-To: Mountaineering Discussion List 'MOUNT-L'
Sender: Mountaineering Discussion List 'MOUNT-L'
From: Sybil Brabner
Subject: Re: info request...

I ditto this motion - what is this silent list about? or is
everybody too busy scaling cliffs?

> hi, i am curios as to the status of this list. i am a recent subscriber and i
> ave not seen anything come across the wire. i currently reside in the great ou
> door state of arizona and would love to hear if there are any opportunities th
> t this subscription might provide me. also, any info about the general purpose
> of the list would be appreciated. thankyou greatly.


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