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Note 44.76 MOUNT-L 76 of 517 CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 21 lines 28-FEB-1992 09:00
CUPIDO::STRITAR "Andrej Stritar,IJS,(61)-371-321" 21 lines 28-FEB-1992 09:00

Date: 28-Feb-1992
Posted-date: 28-Feb-1992

Since this discussion group seems to have quite a bit of Euro-flavor
to it, I respectfully seek information relating to a particular area
of the general area of Guilenkirken FRU, a small (I think) spot in
the road generally NW of Dusseldorf. (As a disclaimer, all names are
spelled to the best of my ability. Forgive the "Ugly American".) I
am aware that a NATO base exist there, but know little else. Does
anyone out there have any knowledge of the area, know anyone in the
area, know anyone stationed on the base, or in any way feel they could
aid me in locating some friends who've become displaced in that general
area? I would be eternally grateful for any and all info on this matter.



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